Inspiring a community of athletes of all ages and at all levels of fitness

We may be in repetition of activities and situations for days, weeks, years or even decades, and one day we decide to experience something different. Often times we have just had enough, we are ready for a change.  This is everyones “PIVOT POINT”.  

We have no idea if this new way will be different or not, but we know we are done with the old way and there is no going back.  These PIVOT POINTS in our lives can change us, and make life better forever.

We at Pivot Point Complete Fitness / Pivot Point Crossfit want to be the catalyst that forever changes lives through offering an array of programs tailored to suit any individuals fitness level.  In a welcoming high energy community environment we provide Nutrition planning, Cardiovascular conditioning, Body Weight movements, Weight lifting and Sports all combined to provide rapid, attainable, and maintainable changes.  We welcome you to come in and visit us and start on your path to many positive PIVOT POINTS to come.



  • World-class, passionate coaches
  • Life-changing programs
  • Welcoming and motivational atmosphere
  • State-of-the-art facilities


  • Get leaner and stronger
  • Feel more positive and energetic
  • Reduce injury, illness and disease
  • Improve performance at chosen sport(s)



  • Friendly, accessible beginner program
  • Small group classes w/ expert coaching
  • Convenient schedule
  • Lower cost than only personal training




RSS Pivot Point CrossFit

  • 17Nov2017-B November 17, 2017
    With a 7 Min Time CapThree rounds for time of:10 Deadlifts (275/185 lbs)15 Ring Dips30 Double-Unders
  • Push Press 3-2-2-1-1-1 November 17, 2017
    Push Press for load: #1: 3 reps #2: 2 reps #3: 2 reps #4: 1 rep #5: 1 rep #6: 1 repRest 2 minutes between sets and use that time to prep for the conditioning workout
  • 16Nov2017-B November 16, 2017
    Every minute, on the minute, for 10 minutes, complete:5 Burpee Box Jump-Overs (24″/20″)5 Toes To Plate (25/15)
  • 16Nov2017-A November 16, 2017
    Every 90 seconds, for 15 minutes (10 sets):Hang Snatch x 1 repBuild as you go, but make sure the focus is on proper technique and mechanics as you build.orThis time should be spent Improving Snatch Technique.
  • 15Nov-2017-A.1 November 15, 2017
    Three sets of:Back Squat x 6-8 reps @ 30X1
  • 15Nov-2017-A.2 November 15, 2017
    Single-Arm DB/KB Row x 8-10 reps each arm @ 2111Rest ~2 min
  • "DBCB" November 15, 2017
    Death By Cluster-BallsMin 1 -- One Medball Clean + Wall-BallMin 2 -- Two Medball Cleans + Wall-BallsMin 3 -- Three Medball Cleans + Wall-Balls............Continue until you cannot complete the numbre of Cluster Balls in that Minute
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