Larissa Dangerproneddaphne Brown

What is your name and where are you From?

Larissa Dangerproneddaphne Brown

What did you know about CrossFit before coming here?

Very Little. I saw some friends on Facebook that were involved or coached so it appeared to me that you had to be a beast to do it.

How did you find out about CrossFit and why did you start?

I saw one of the Facebook friends that coached CF in Baltimore at my class reunion and I asked him a lot of questions. His responses were evident he wanted me to try it. I was recovering from a broken foot so I was not looking to sign up anytime soon. I later saw a story about Greg Glassman on 20/20. I was impressed by it all. I started researching locations. I went to the doctor for my annual checkup and I was slapped in the face with my numbers; it was evident that t was time to make a serious change. I visited 2 locations and made the decision to come try Pivot Point.

How has CrossFit changed your life, lifestyle and level of fitness?

I have learned how to eat right. Clean eating makes me feel better than ever. I do cheat and have some of the “bad stuff” but I choose wisely. If I’m going to have cheese, it’s not going to be the plastic wrapped American kind, I’m going to eat some imported French cheese. I now crave my fitness time. I started with 2 days a week, and now I’ve progressed to 4 or 5 times a week. I am in no way at “beast” level but I have come a long way since I started and I can see my body changing every week.

How long have you been doing CrossFit?

9 months! Who knew I would join a “gym” and stay that dedicated??? It’s never happened before so I am amazed at myself at how the box keeps me motivated!!

What is your favorite movement?

I love doing AB work. I know almost every one of our moves involves abs/core work…but I love to do sit-ups and planks. I have a belly that I’d like to get rid of so I love feeling sore in that area the next day. PLUS I could barely do sit ups when I first started. I think the WOD involved 20 sit-ups and I was ready to quit at 10…everyone cheered me on until I did 20. I love doing sit-ups now!

Is there a workout or movement you would like to see more of?

More AB specific work- everyone wants ABS- right??

What are your goals for this year, and have you accomplished any goals already?

So many goals….I lost 25 LBS since I started, and that has taken some serious inches off and a couple of dress sizes. I need to slim down some more. I would like to lose another 25 LBS. I want to get some double-unders, a handstand, consecutive box jumps, and maybe a pistol squat….those things are crazy hard!

Describe your biggest milestone, achievement or “A-ha” moment?

Weight loss was awesome and changing how I eat was probably one of the biggest changes to my life. I have learned so much about how to feed my body and I am very grateful for being led to that change. My first real PR was when I did 60 consecutive sit ups. I was so happy that I had accomplished that and the feeling was awesome. I was most surprised when I held a plank for 60 seconds…it’s like I progressed from 20 seconds to 60 seconds overnight. Sorry, that’s definitely more than one milestone!

What do you like most about Pivot Point CrossFit?

I love working out with a group. You get know the other athletes and the trainers and it feels like you are hanging out with your friends. The support is there every minute and we are all suffering through that workout together. Everyone is proud of each other’s accomplishments and you want to see them again…tomorrow.

What encouragement or advice would you give to new people coming in?

If you feel scared, that’s normal. We are all a bit intimidated with trying new stuff. But just try it. And if you think it’s not for you, just try a few more sessions. You are going to be sore…but that is your body thanking you for stretching and working those unused muscles. Don’t fight it…Embrace it…Don’t make any excuses…You belong in the box…

What are some of your hobbies?

I make Kombucha. Not sure if that is a hobby, but I enjoy making it, and I love sharing it with my friends. It’s healthy for you and apparently it’s a treat, because everyone drinks it and wants to know when there will be more.


Too many names. My first day in the box, I was greeted by Peggy. She made sure I was comfortable and cheered me on. She helped me get through my first 20 sit-ups. I love my trainers! JT was my first trainer and he is so patient and encouraging, and at the same time pushing you to be your best. Making friends with Mandie, Alisa, and Josiah has been one of the perks…we are always messaging each other…which class are you going to? So we can “suffer” together and keep each other in check. I love all the peeps that help me to accomplish my daily goals and to finish the workout that I love and hate at the same time!

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