Healthy Eating Holidays and Beyond

Here’s a few tips on eating clean and enjoying food without undoing the hard work put in all year. It’s that time of year when kitchens are smelling good and friends and family are visiting with tasty dishes in hand. We all may not gain weight over the holidays, but most of us are guilty of eating and drinking more and working out less.

Don’t try and skip meals to save up calories for a holiday party, skipping meals lead to low blood sugar which leads to cravings. Eating a small meal before you go to a holiday gathering will allow you to eat smaller portions during the meal. Adding healthy fats to meals and snacks can help you feel fuller and keep cravings for sweets manageable. If cravings get the best of you eat only as much as you need to satisfy your craving, you don’t have to eat the whole tray just because it’s there.  If it’s an option bring your own healthy dish to the gathering to ensure there is a healthy option.  Alcoholic beverages contain empty calories so alternating cocktails with sparkling water will help cut down on calories and leave you hydrated. If you love wine add a spritz of seltzer for a lower calorie option. Good old H2O is always the best option and drinking plenty of it between meals will make you feel fuller.

When cooking keep it simple, for classic holiday dishes omit the unhealthy ingredients and replace it with a healthy alternative. Brown sugar can be replaced with coconut sugar or grade A maple syrup as a sweetener, bleached white flour can be replaced with almond flour or wheat flour. These small changes can cut calories for a meal without sacrificing taste.

Below are some examples of healthy meal ideas for the holidays.

If all else fails and you can’t control yourself for a day, have fun and don’t worry the world isn’t going to come to an end, but the next day get right back on track.

Deron Coleman

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